Taking Pinterest Ideas & Making Them My Own

Final Results

Final Results


Oscar and I just bought our first home and it’s quite the process decorating it. I’m going with the one room at a time method, otherwise the walls would be bare and white forever. My first room on the list is our bedroom. Oscar chose a modern theme with black and red. I’m not a fan of modern or red. I’m more of a neutral, light, and open kinda gal. But this is a marriage and it’s our home, so he can have the bedroom and I’ll take the living room. šŸ˜‰
These letters were used in our July wedding with the full intention of using them in our home one day. I saw ‘Mr & Mrs photo collage’ pin on Pinterest and used it as inspiration.

Our Wedding

Our Wedding

The details:

13-ArtMindsā„¢ White Wood Letters Large 9in/22.86cm (Oscar has a long last name!) about $2.99 each at Michaels

1- Foam brush on sale for $.25 at Michaels

2-3 bottles of acrylic paint in color of choice for about $.75-$1 a bottleĀ 

Duct tape, painters tape, or whatever you have on hand (I used my cheetah print duct tape I bought for my janky iPhone cord)

Framed Photos you want to display (I got my 8×10 frames at the Dollar Tree $9 and $2 each print at Wal Mart…ouch!)Ā 

Nails or even lots of Command Strips

And lots of patience!

I painted about four coats on each side (I wanted them perfect for the wedding but 2-3 coats could work)

To hang it, Oscar and I laid out how we wanted it to look on the floor. I outlined it with the duct tape and put it on the wall exactly as I had it on the floor.

It took about an hour to hang and it may not be 100% straight, but it’s ours! It is always interesting to see how well Oscar and I work together. He puts up with my, “Hun you have to use the tape line so it’s straight”. The total cost was about $70 (yikes!), but it served two purposes and Oscar’s last name is super long! I like it and think it’s a great start to our new home!

Hanging the letters

Hanging the letters


photo 1 (7)

Hard working hubby

Hard working hubby



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