Winter Must Haves and Gift Ideas


Oh Christmas is in the air and winter is unofficially here! It’s my favorite time of the year and I’ve started my gift shopping. During this time of the year, I try to refrain from shopping for myself and I am blessed to have wonderful families who take the time to buy little ol me items on my list. Here is what is on my Christmas list and some of my winter must haves:

1) Ugg care kit
My Uggs are looking pretty nasty so it’s time for some lovin’. I think it’s $20 for the kit.

2) Bath and Body Works Gift Card
At the end of every year, B&B usually has a semi-annual sale with bomb deals. I hope to pick up some yummy candles and soaps for our new home!

3) Bed Head Rock ‘n’ Roller Ceramic Styling Iron, Teal. $25-30

4) Sephora Gift Card/Make Up items
A) Naked 3 Palette $52
B) Benefit’s Watts Up! $30
C) Fruity perfumes or Viva La Juicy
D) Nars blush
E) Jumbo size Bare Minerals mineral veil or foundation

5) Naked Illuminating Shimmer Powder for face and body only at Ulta $30
Perfect for shiny shoulders and a radiant glow!

6) Chunky, soft knitted scarves or infinity scarves

7) Cute coffee sleeve for my reusable Starbucks cups (the cups that are like $1)

8) A diamond candle. Google it now.

9) Little Mermaid blanket from Hot Topic. Holy warm and snuggly childhood memories!

Winter Must Haves:

1) Uggs.
Yes I know they are ugg-ly and no I don’t care. They are magical unicorns for you feet.

2) Leggings from Old Navy $10
So comfy and cute. Nobody will ever know you wear them to bed too 😉

3) A good facial moisturizer
I’m using Target’s sensitive face lotion that I bought for $5. I get an allergic reaction to a chemical in soaps, make up, and lotion, but this little guy has been working quite well.

4) A Holiday manicure.
Here’s my candy cane nails:


5) A good purse
I think it’s better to invest in a good purse that will last a lifetime, rather than having many fashionable, cheap bags. Coach has a lifetime guarantee (which I have utilized) and I have had my bag for 3 years this month. Oscar purchased a Michael Kors bag I’ve been wanting for a killer deal at Macy’s. They have their Friends and Family discount which is 25% off almost anything. This could mean $100 off a good bag.
Here’s my new bag:


6) A wonderful memory
My winter memory was the Zac Brown Band concert. It was amazing and I had so much fun. I’m so blessed to have a wonderful hubby.


7) Cute and deliciously warm accessories
Scarves, hats, knitted headbands, gloves, oh my!

8) Hot Chocolate
Gas station or when I make it with milk is quite yummy. I hate syrup hot chocolate from coffee shops. Hot chocolate is so comforting to me.

9) A hobby
I think life is about finding your passion and learning new things. My current hobbies are: blogging, reading, and taking photos. If only I got paid for them! Hobbies make good gifts too (knitting kits, drawing kits, how-to books)

10) Sleeping Accessories
Is it just me and all I want to do is snuggle and be warm? My lounging outfits have been Hello Kitty slippers, a North Face sweatshirt, socks, leggings and a fuzzy blanket. It’s as magical as it sounds.

That’s it for now! Just want to let everyone know I’m not trying to brag in any way or show off. I just want to share the things I’m blessed to be able to want and have. Thanks for reading!



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