Bath and Body Works Mini Haul


One of my favorite sales of the year is the semi-annual sale at Bath and Body Works. It’s really the only time I purchase items from there.
I had two things on my list from there: candles and soap. Bath and Body candles are my favorite candles ever and are fragrant enough to make my whole house smell wonderful. I just love their unique scents!

Their soaps are also my absolute favorite because they smell so wonderful. When Oscar and I moved to our new home I picked up a few Soft Soaps from the Dollar Tree. I have two bathrooms and a kitchen that need soap so I only picked up three. I was waiting for the moment when soaps would be clearanced out at 50-75% off at B&B.

When I received a gift card from my parents for Christmas I was so stoked! I knew exactly what I wanted but I didn’t know what scents I would be picking up. My dad bought my mom a super yummy sweet clementine candle that I was on the hunt for, but unfortunately it was gone. 😦

We ended up choosing Seaside Escape, Passion Flower, and Gelato as our candles. Gelato is a sweet summery scent and I will probably burn it in June. I’m saving it to mark the beginning of summer. It sounded weird when I first looked at it, but I know it won’t be an overbearing scent like Leaves. Each candle was on sale for $10 (regular price $20).


For my soaps, I picked up six of them. Coral Reef was 75% off and the rest were $3 a piece. The regular price for each soap is $5.50. We looked everywhere for more of the Coral Reef soaps but I nabbed the last one. These soaps last longer than the Soft Soaps for us so the $3 price isn’t so bad.




I’m going to save the Holly Citrus Wreath for Christmas next year, but I plan on picking up more goodies in July.

I also had a magnificent coupon for $10 off of $30.

Here’s the breakdown of my haul:

5 soaps at $3 each: $15
1 soap at 75% off: $1.38
3 candles at $10 each: $30

Total $50.51 including tax

Minus $10 off $30

Total $39.62 including tax

Minus the $25 gift certificate
Minus some kind of discount I got for $3.48 off my purchase (thinking the soaps may have rang up 50% off?)

= $11.14 out of pocket cost

I saved $56.86 off the original price of everything! Works for me!



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