What’s in my purse?

I love watching ‘What’s in my bag’ videos on YouTube. It’s so interesting to see what different women…and some men carry in their bags. I like watching the more expensive bags (like Birkins and Louis Vuittons).
So on that note, I’m going to share with you all what’s in my bag!

My bag:

Trust me, I didn’t pay full retail. I got some killer deals with sales and coupons. Oscar sold my 3DS and I ended up paying a few dollars for it ;). Thanks Hun!

My planner:

I write appointments, bills, and hours worked in this little bad boy. Oscar liked it so much he wanted one too. $3 at Big Lots

My wallet:

I’ve traded my Coach wallet for a Coach Legacy Leather E/W Universal Case. It’s nifty because when I don’t want to take my whole purse, I can just grab this and my keys and go! It was a birthday gift from Oscar. $51 (original price $68 but I had a 25% off coupon).

My keys:

I got my lanyard from Spencer’s for $10. It’s black with rhinestones and came with a furry keychain. I have my classroom key, home key, the Sentra key, and my Cobalt key. I have a Hello Kitty keychain from my sister in-law, Madison and a Coach keychain from Oscar.

My makeup bag:

I got this as a set from my aunt at my bridal shower. She got it at Bath and Body Works. It’s super cute!

My Coach Poppy Coin Purse:

I keep my loose change in here. I paid a lot for this little bag but I used my tip money when I worked at a restaurant. $42.

Items that fell out of my makeup bag:


Trash in my bag:


I have 5 lip products in my purse. 5!!!! Who does that? I took one out and put it in my desk at work too!
They are a Clinique chubby stick, Clinique lipstick, YSL lipstick, Mac lipstick, and a Sally’s lipgloss.
Here they are:







That’s all the craziness in my bag! It gave me a nice excuse to clean it out too. I put the five lip products back in my purse though ;).

Look out for a guest blog post coming soon from one of my favorite people!




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