Favorite Updates!

Wow! It has been quite a long time since I’ve blogged, but I’m back! I want to talk about my February, March, and April favorites. There’s no particular order for these items, just simply new finds I have to share with somebody out there reading this.

Let’s start off with some beauty love.

My latest obsession is NYX products. I’m dying to try everything from them. So far I’ve tried 5 lip glosses from them and they are AMAZING. The butter glosses are exactly what the name states for your lips. There isn’t anything sticky about these gorgeous glosses either. The Mega Shine gloss is also a winner for me and a better product than Mac lip glass. I would say I prefer NYX over Mac in the lip department.


I own Eclair, Apple Strudel, & Cherry Pie butters



NYX lippies are a new must-have item for me!

My next favorite I purchased after watching a video by DulceCandy. She hauled an amazing product by Urban Decay called Illuminated Shimmering Powder for face and body. At $30, I put off purchasing this product. I received some birthday money from family and new I had to have this. It is an Ulta exclusive and I had to go to 2 Ulta’s to find it, but I really, really wanted it. The product is a very pigmented shimmering powder that can be used as a highlighter for cheeks and the upper body. I’m thinking this summer it will be used to get my shiny shoulders that I’d kill for. Click here to view the product!


Going back to NYX products, I’ve also started using The Wonder Pencil. It’s a nude eyeliner that is supposed to make your eyes pop while still keeping them looking classy. I like this product because it can also be used to define brows and lips. I’m not too ready to define my lips but I like to keep my options open.


I use the color light to really pop.

This month I’ve been wearing false lashes everyday. I love, love the Ardell individual lashes. They are easy to apply and last forever. They also look so gorgeous!


My next favorite is one of the coolest things ever! It’s a subscription to Ipsy, a company founded by Michelle Phan. It’s so cool because for $10 a month you get 5 full sized samples or full sized products. Some statement brands I have gotten so far are Bare Minerals, Urban Decay, Benefit, and Nicole by OPI.


It also comes in the prettiest pink bubble mailer!


Click here to join Ipsy using my referral link. 💜

Lately my skin has been whack. It’s been really dry and flaky. I think it’s because of our new home’s water and m my skin adjusting to it. I had to take care of my nasty peeling skin so I picked up a “fake” Clarisonic. It’s by Olay and I use it all the time. My skin has seen a dramatic improvement, which makes for a better application of my makeup. I purchased it at Target using more birthday money (thanks Mom!) for about $25. Here’s the link if you’re interested in a skin care device that won’t break the bank.

Next is my nail polish winter hoard for spring. Nail polish is so easy to collect and I have to have my toes nicely painted. My collection just needs some better storage and I’m looking into that right now.


My last beauty favorite is my Hot Tools salon blow dryer. I bought it at Sally’s and it has the longest cord. I love the various settings and it also helps dry my long, thick hair in record time.
It was on clearance for $40 but it was a half off day. I scored this bad boy for $20!


Let’s move on to other miscellaneous faves!

One obsession I have right now is the TV show Pretty Little Liars. It’s so much fun, suspenseful, and each episode is 44 minutes long. The clothes in that show are cute too but sometimes they dress these 25 year old actors up so strange! Nobody wears pigtails in high school either. Trust me.


I love the intro for this show too! Creepy but cool.

My go-to spring scent for my house right now is my Orange You Glad Scentsy bar. It gives my home a light, airy, and fresh atmosphere. It’s not overpowering either. I couldn’t find it on the website so I hope it wasn’t discontinued.


That’s all the little favorites I can think of right now!

Until next time!



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