Summer Favorites 2014


Wow! It’s been such a long time since I’ve written on here. At least there have been a few visitors over the past few months who have checked out my retro posts.
This post is going to go over my Summer 2014 favorites. I love finding new products and investing in pieces that fit into my life. It may take me months of saving but during that time it allows me to think about what I’m really buying and if it’s worth it. Enough rambling, let’s begin!

First favorite of the summer goes to vacationing. Oscar and I were blessed to have traveled out of the country this year. We tried so many different things and saw so many beautiful places in Mexico. I wasn’t as sick this time so I was ready for an adventure. We stayed with Oscar’s family and they took us all over Guadalajara. That city is so huge and there are tons of things to do. We spent very little money, but we had the best time. Our last vacation of the year will be back to Reno where we plan on gambling, drinking, and site seeing. We had the best time during our honeymoon that we just had to go back! I think next year I want to go to California and visit The Winchester Manor. It sounds so interesting to me. I also want to go to the beach. We didn’t make it to the coast this year so next year we definitely need to go. We shall see though.


Next favorite is the beauty products I’ve been rocking this summer. I found my holy grail foundation this summer. I am so critical of foundation and it must meet a certain criteria. The criteria is as follows: 1) I can’t be allergic to it. 2) Must not transfer off my face when wearing 3) Must not break me out/give me pimples 4) Needs sunscreen 5) Flawless, non-cakey look 6) Not drying on skin 7) Must set well

I could probably go on, but I shouldn’t. The foundation that I’m loving is Tarte’s Amazonian Clay foundation. It states that it is a 12 hour foundation and I think that’s probably true. It applies so well with a Beauty Blender and has a great build able coverage. I’m so in love with it! It was $38 but I’m pretty sure this bottle will last me at least a year. I shop at Ulta a ton too and they gave me a $10 off coupon.


From Tarte, I have also fallen in love with their Lights, Camera, Lashes eyeliner. It goes on well and stays on well. I’m not sure if I will buy it again because it was a pretty penny, but we shall see.

Next favorite is the Naked palette from Urban Decay. I don’t love it as much as the second one but it is a wonderful addiction to my collection. I use them both almost everyday and it was the sweetest surprise from my husband. ❤️


Other faves from Urban Decay are the Perversion mascara and the 24/7 eye pencil. The mascara makes my stubby lashes long and voluminous. The eye pencil looks great for my lower lash line. Not so great for my upper lash line. A great dupe for this liner though is the gel eye pencil from Ulta’s line of makeup.


Omg has anyone seen the Disney princess collections from Walgreens? I had to pick up the ELF books from the Ariel and Snow White collection. I also picked up a snazzy Ariel makeup bag for my purse, the Ariel bronzer set, and the Ariel makeup brushes. They are the cutest things I ever did see!





Some random favorites include my soap from Bath and Body Works. It smells like grapefruit and orange. So delicious.


I also love this Walmart brand toner. The real brand gave me a serious allergic reaction but the Walmart brand is great. To take it off I’ve been using flat cotton pads. I just discovered these things and feel like they have been missing from my life!


Another little treat are these yummy cupcakes from Junebug’s bakery in Prosser. My parents brought us Oreo and Raspberry flavored cupcakes. The topping on the Oreo cupcakes taste like Oreo creme. It’s unreal.

My husband spoiled me this summer. He bought me a 3DS XL with this adorable case. I had my monogram made on etsy. My favorite games are the new Kirby game and Animal Crossing. It’s going to be great for our upcoming road trip!


Oscar also bought me the prettiest pair of sunglasses. It’s my first expensive, good quality glasses. I tried them on at Sunglass Hut last month and instantly fell in love. I knew they had to be mine. I ordered them online so they aren’t here yet but I can’t wait for them to be here. They are Tory Burch and of course black. Amazon had them for about $65 cheaper so I snatched them up. I am so excited!

I had an amazing summer but I’m ready for fall.

I leave you with this adorable quote.




*Disclaimer* All products were purchased with my own money. A majority of these items were purchased from buying and selling trading cards. We work hard for these treats and are very blessed. Love you all.

*Note* Some images taken from Google but watermark was left on. Check out their blog. Could be a great read.


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