Review: NYX Green Concealer


I have a miracle concealer for people with red skin. It’s the green concealer by Nyx. It comes in a 0.25 oz jar and a little goes a long way. It’s $5 and they sell it at Ulta.



How it works:
The green cancels out the redness because the colors are opposites on the color wheel.

I apply a thin layer on my cheeks and voilà my color is even! I’ve added too much of this stuff and it gave my face a very flat, dull affect. I had to add bronzer and blush to balance it out but when it’s applied correctly, it’s so amazing.

To apply this I was using my concealer brush until I ordered this bad boy:


It’s a crazy, good makeup blending sponge. I only paid $1 with shipping for it. It makes applying the green concealer much faster.

You can purchase it here:
Amazon blending sponge 🙂

I’m going to try out the lavender concealer one of these days from Nyx. Nyx is a brand I really want to try more products from.

That’s all for now!
Lyss 🙂


What’s in my purse?

I love watching ‘What’s in my bag’ videos on YouTube. It’s so interesting to see what different women…and some men carry in their bags. I like watching the more expensive bags (like Birkins and Louis Vuittons).
So on that note, I’m going to share with you all what’s in my bag!

My bag:

Trust me, I didn’t pay full retail. I got some killer deals with sales and coupons. Oscar sold my 3DS and I ended up paying a few dollars for it ;). Thanks Hun!

My planner:

I write appointments, bills, and hours worked in this little bad boy. Oscar liked it so much he wanted one too. $3 at Big Lots

My wallet:

I’ve traded my Coach wallet for a Coach Legacy Leather E/W Universal Case. It’s nifty because when I don’t want to take my whole purse, I can just grab this and my keys and go! It was a birthday gift from Oscar. $51 (original price $68 but I had a 25% off coupon).

My keys:

I got my lanyard from Spencer’s for $10. It’s black with rhinestones and came with a furry keychain. I have my classroom key, home key, the Sentra key, and my Cobalt key. I have a Hello Kitty keychain from my sister in-law, Madison and a Coach keychain from Oscar.

My makeup bag:

I got this as a set from my aunt at my bridal shower. She got it at Bath and Body Works. It’s super cute!

My Coach Poppy Coin Purse:

I keep my loose change in here. I paid a lot for this little bag but I used my tip money when I worked at a restaurant. $42.

Items that fell out of my makeup bag:


Trash in my bag:


I have 5 lip products in my purse. 5!!!! Who does that? I took one out and put it in my desk at work too!
They are a Clinique chubby stick, Clinique lipstick, YSL lipstick, Mac lipstick, and a Sally’s lipgloss.
Here they are:







That’s all the craziness in my bag! It gave me a nice excuse to clean it out too. I put the five lip products back in my purse though ;).

Look out for a guest blog post coming soon from one of my favorite people!



Bath and Body Works Mini Haul


One of my favorite sales of the year is the semi-annual sale at Bath and Body Works. It’s really the only time I purchase items from there.
I had two things on my list from there: candles and soap. Bath and Body candles are my favorite candles ever and are fragrant enough to make my whole house smell wonderful. I just love their unique scents!

Their soaps are also my absolute favorite because they smell so wonderful. When Oscar and I moved to our new home I picked up a few Soft Soaps from the Dollar Tree. I have two bathrooms and a kitchen that need soap so I only picked up three. I was waiting for the moment when soaps would be clearanced out at 50-75% off at B&B.

When I received a gift card from my parents for Christmas I was so stoked! I knew exactly what I wanted but I didn’t know what scents I would be picking up. My dad bought my mom a super yummy sweet clementine candle that I was on the hunt for, but unfortunately it was gone. 😦

We ended up choosing Seaside Escape, Passion Flower, and Gelato as our candles. Gelato is a sweet summery scent and I will probably burn it in June. I’m saving it to mark the beginning of summer. It sounded weird when I first looked at it, but I know it won’t be an overbearing scent like Leaves. Each candle was on sale for $10 (regular price $20).


For my soaps, I picked up six of them. Coral Reef was 75% off and the rest were $3 a piece. The regular price for each soap is $5.50. We looked everywhere for more of the Coral Reef soaps but I nabbed the last one. These soaps last longer than the Soft Soaps for us so the $3 price isn’t so bad.




I’m going to save the Holly Citrus Wreath for Christmas next year, but I plan on picking up more goodies in July.

I also had a magnificent coupon for $10 off of $30.

Here’s the breakdown of my haul:

5 soaps at $3 each: $15
1 soap at 75% off: $1.38
3 candles at $10 each: $30

Total $50.51 including tax

Minus $10 off $30

Total $39.62 including tax

Minus the $25 gift certificate
Minus some kind of discount I got for $3.48 off my purchase (thinking the soaps may have rang up 50% off?)

= $11.14 out of pocket cost

I saved $56.86 off the original price of everything! Works for me!


New Year!


Happy belated New Year! A new year means new dreams. The new year is always so refreshing to me. I think about all the goals, dreams, and vacations I want to take during the year ahead. So this year, I’ve decided things will happen for my new family. I don’t know what’s going to happen but my fortune cookies tell me everything will be alright.

My goals for 2014:

To be more present and put away my phone. This was a resolution from last year and I did try very hard to work on this. I know at times I failed but I feel there was a huge improvement from 2012. As long as there is progress, I’m happy.

To be more in tune with my faith. I was so happy and nervous the day of my wedding that the church ceremony was sort of a blur. The priest said less than half way through the ceremony that we were married and the first thought I had was, “well I don’t feel any different.” I wouldn’t change anything about the ceremony because it was perfect, but I do feel guilty for only going to church a handful of times since I’ve been married. Maybe once I open up again to my faith, I will feel better. Actually, I know I will feel better.

Dreams for 2014:

To find a career. I love, love, love my job, but I would like security. I have learned so much and have met so many passionate people. Working for a university and high school is so rewarding. I would like for this job to turn into something of a career for me. That would be awesome! I think things are going to be shaken up a bit soon, but that’s always how the best drinks are made! 😉

To send Oscar to school. With a mortgage and all the bills associated with a home, it’s super hard to live on one income right now. Oscar has an amazing job he loves, but I think of all the students he would impact if he were to become a teacher. He would be a great principal one day too! Then I could retire early and become a YouTube beauty vlogger!

Vacation dreams for 2014:

These are just dreams right now. The way things are looking, there is no hope for a vacation. Maybe 2015 will make our vacation dreams at least a goal.

My in-laws are getting remarried in Mexico this year and we are working on ways to go. It’s not looking to be feasible at all for us at the moment and there is no way we will borrow money for this trip. My in-laws are amazing people and I wish we could be there for them. We still have six or seven months so if I achieve one of my goals, us going to Mexico would definitely happen. I do miss one of Oscar’s super fun uncles and one of his cousins.

Vegas or Reno
Oscar and I had so much fun in Reno that we talk all the time about going back! That was one of the most inexpensive trips we have taken. It was perfect for our little pocketbook. But I have wanted to go to Vegas since I was about 20. It just looks, sounds, and feels like it would be a blast. Oscar and I may appear to be an old married couple, but when we are on vacation, we get down on the free drinks.

My ultimate dream is to visit Hawaii. It just seems beautiful and fun. It’s on my ‘Before Kids’ bucket list.

That’s all I have for today. I’m going to look back on this in December and I hope some things will have changed for the better. We will see.





Looking back at 2013, I can honestly say that a lot has happened. My life changed dramatically and I enjoyed almost every moment. Despite the ups and occasional downs, one thing that was always changing was my polish color. Here’s a quick review of my year told through my color choices:


Starting with January, I decided to do my college colors. My parents gave me an amazing graduation party and little did I know, it would be the last time I would see two members of my family. Life changes in an instant and I have to remind myself to cherish every moment.

My mother and maid of honor took me dress shopping in January where I found “the dress”. I’m glad I had my nails done for the sake of this photo!

This was the last time going to my regular salon. I found that I would have to re-paint my nails every week myself just because they would get nasty. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Fast forward to June when all the crazy wedding festivities began. I began trying out nail looks for the big day and here was one of the test runs. I got tons of compliments at my amazing bridal shower thrown by my maid of honor and fabulous sister in law. I switched salons and liked the quality of my nails better.

Right before the wedding, I was feeling a little Beyonce-ish and went for a soft metallic gold and a Barbie pink. It was perfect for my bachelorette party! ❤️

This is the only nail pic I can find on my phone for my wedding nails. This was taken the night before and I was so exhausted I drank my coffee in less than ten minutes. What a wonderful experience though! I am married to the man of my dreams!

I wanted to do something fun for the end of summer so I chose the same Barbie pink I did for my bachelorette party on my ring fingers. This color was so summery and pretty! It was one of my favorite polishes.

I was a bridesmaid three times this year and did purple nails for the first September wedding I was in. I wasn’t really into the color but it doesn’t look too bad in the photo.

The next September wedding, the bride choose green nails. I’m not too into the crazy colors because of work. I do love this ring the bride gave me! I wear it everyday!

A few days after the green, I re-did my nails to these colors and got tons of compliments. Granted my audience is high school girls, I still think it’s cool they like my style. Doesn’t make me feel super old.

I did a blood-red for fall. It wasn’t really for any particular reason except how much I loved the color. It was amazing.

For Thanksgiving, I chose a brown and gold. Please excuse my disgusting mirror. Oscar and I got our first house in October and we decided to throw Thanksgiving. My parents, in-laws, Grandma, sisters, and cousins celebrated the day with us and it was oh so wonderful!

My last manicure of the year are my candy cane nails. They are super fun and were perfect for candy cane day at the school I work at! December is my favorite time of the year and I love being festive.

I know I’m missing some manicures but these were the ones on my phone. I don’t know why I’m always taking pictures of my fingers and hands. I guess I justify it as being better than having tons of selfies on my Instagram. This year was a great year with lots of memorable events. I am so blessed and have lots of wonderful people in my life. I don’t think my manicures will ever be as eventful. I am looking forward to a nice relaxing 2014.

Winter Must Haves and Gift Ideas


Oh Christmas is in the air and winter is unofficially here! It’s my favorite time of the year and I’ve started my gift shopping. During this time of the year, I try to refrain from shopping for myself and I am blessed to have wonderful families who take the time to buy little ol me items on my list. Here is what is on my Christmas list and some of my winter must haves:

1) Ugg care kit
My Uggs are looking pretty nasty so it’s time for some lovin’. I think it’s $20 for the kit.

2) Bath and Body Works Gift Card
At the end of every year, B&B usually has a semi-annual sale with bomb deals. I hope to pick up some yummy candles and soaps for our new home!

3) Bed Head Rock ‘n’ Roller Ceramic Styling Iron, Teal. $25-30

4) Sephora Gift Card/Make Up items
A) Naked 3 Palette $52
B) Benefit’s Watts Up! $30
C) Fruity perfumes or Viva La Juicy
D) Nars blush
E) Jumbo size Bare Minerals mineral veil or foundation

5) Naked Illuminating Shimmer Powder for face and body only at Ulta $30
Perfect for shiny shoulders and a radiant glow!

6) Chunky, soft knitted scarves or infinity scarves

7) Cute coffee sleeve for my reusable Starbucks cups (the cups that are like $1)

8) A diamond candle. Google it now.

9) Little Mermaid blanket from Hot Topic. Holy warm and snuggly childhood memories!

Winter Must Haves:

1) Uggs.
Yes I know they are ugg-ly and no I don’t care. They are magical unicorns for you feet.

2) Leggings from Old Navy $10
So comfy and cute. Nobody will ever know you wear them to bed too 😉

3) A good facial moisturizer
I’m using Target’s sensitive face lotion that I bought for $5. I get an allergic reaction to a chemical in soaps, make up, and lotion, but this little guy has been working quite well.

4) A Holiday manicure.
Here’s my candy cane nails:


5) A good purse
I think it’s better to invest in a good purse that will last a lifetime, rather than having many fashionable, cheap bags. Coach has a lifetime guarantee (which I have utilized) and I have had my bag for 3 years this month. Oscar purchased a Michael Kors bag I’ve been wanting for a killer deal at Macy’s. They have their Friends and Family discount which is 25% off almost anything. This could mean $100 off a good bag.
Here’s my new bag:


6) A wonderful memory
My winter memory was the Zac Brown Band concert. It was amazing and I had so much fun. I’m so blessed to have a wonderful hubby.


7) Cute and deliciously warm accessories
Scarves, hats, knitted headbands, gloves, oh my!

8) Hot Chocolate
Gas station or when I make it with milk is quite yummy. I hate syrup hot chocolate from coffee shops. Hot chocolate is so comforting to me.

9) A hobby
I think life is about finding your passion and learning new things. My current hobbies are: blogging, reading, and taking photos. If only I got paid for them! Hobbies make good gifts too (knitting kits, drawing kits, how-to books)

10) Sleeping Accessories
Is it just me and all I want to do is snuggle and be warm? My lounging outfits have been Hello Kitty slippers, a North Face sweatshirt, socks, leggings and a fuzzy blanket. It’s as magical as it sounds.

That’s it for now! Just want to let everyone know I’m not trying to brag in any way or show off. I just want to share the things I’m blessed to be able to want and have. Thanks for reading!


Catching Fire Light Smokey Eye Inspiration

20131126-004311.jpg Last Saturday the sisters, Oscar, and I went and saw Catching Fire. It was so much fun! The girls decided we would wear braids in our hair (mine sucked so it turned into an up-do) and I wanted to wear dark make-up. As tribute to District 12’s Coal Mining Industry (as if it’s a real thing! Haha!), I tried a light smokey eye. 20131126-004745.jpg The opportunities to wear eyeshadow never really exist in my everyday life (tear). I never do a full face of make up at work because nobody wears make up really there. I generally feel over-done when I do. Weekends are my make up catch up days! 🙂 I purchased Revlon’s Night Sky from their Diamond Lust Collection in honor of Make Up Saturday and wanted to pair it with some shades from my Naked 2 palette. Black eyeshadow scares the crap out of me so I wanted to overcome my fear as well. 20131126-004142.jpg 20131126-004200.jpg Steps 1) Prime Eyelid 2) Apply ‘Bootycall’ all over eyelid 3) Add ‘Half Baked’ mid eye to outer eye 4) Apply ‘Night Sky’ to outer eye. I apply it like I’m painting the letter C on my left eye and a backwards letter C on my right eye. 5) Add ‘Verve’ to inner eyes The key is to blend, blend, and blend some more. I used the Naked 2 default brush for the Naked colors and I used an eye buki brush for blending (bareMinerals). The glitter from Revlon’s Night Sky got all over my face but it was a good black shadow to start with. It’s not as pigmented as ‘Blackout’ which was great for a beginner like me. It gave me a chance to build my product. I finished with NYC’s liquid eyeliner in black (I also use the pearlized black shade if black is sold out). This is my go-to liner but it’s not the best for beginners. I’ve been using it for almost 5 years now but it was super difficult when I first started. It does do an amazing job for $2.79. 20131126-011519.jpg 20131126-005836.jpg It looks pretty normal here but I’m not sure I have the courage to incorporate it into an everyday look. This is my first pretty little make up thing for the blog. Hope you liked. xoxo, Lyss